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What is a hernia?


A hernia is a bulge through a weakness in any part of the abdominal cavity. There are several types of hernia such as inguinal, epigastric, femoral and incisional (through a scar). Inguinal hernia is by far there commonest type.

What is an inguinal Hernia?

An Inguinal Hernia results from a weakness in the muscles of the groin. It is more common in men where the hernia often follows the path of the spermatic  cord. Woman can also develop inguinal hernia. The weakness allows the contents of the abdomen such as the bowel, bladder or fat to bulge through.

What are the symptoms?

Many patients have no symptoms apart from the bulge. Common symptoms include ache in the groin and/ or testicles which could worsen as the day goes on and bloating/ constipation if bowel is trapped. 


Does my hernia require treatment?

You may choose to leave it alone if it does not bother you much. However, it will not go away and is likely to get bigger with time or limit physical activity

Hernia Surgery Poole and Dorset

How will my hernia be repaired?

Inguinal hernia can be repaired by open or keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery. Open surgery involves a small 2-3 inch cut in the groin whereas with keyhole surgery, only three small cuts are required above the groin. results are equivalent with both approaches but laparoscopic repair results in quicker return to normal activity.

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